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For an in-depth performer's guide to musical settings of Heine's earliest poetry,
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Common abbreviations:

Unless otherwise stated in the Notes field, all works listed are for solo voice with piano accompaniment.

An asterisk (*) at the beginning of the Poem field indicates that one or more scores of the referenced work are owned by Peter W. Shea.

"Metzner" in Notes field refers to: Metzner, Günter. Heine in der Musik : Bibliographie der Heine-Vertonungen. 12 volumes. (Tutzing : Schneider, 1989-1994).

"CPMBL" in Notes field refers to: The Catalogue of Printed Music in the British Library to 1980 62 volumes. (London : Saur, 1981-1987).

"Heine-Sammlung,  Düsseldorf" in Notes field refers to the music collection of the Heinrich-Heine-Institut, Düsseldorf